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Hi there! My name is Leonid Meleshin, and I am a builder & hacker, travelling across the world.



Wearable haptic-feedback devices firmware for VR

github.com/openhapticsVirtual Reality


Comprehensive blockchain visual explorer and doxxing tool



Shrink your ESP-32 firmware size by half

TL;DR: Use NimBLE-Arduino library What's the matter with ArduinoBLE? If you've ever used Arduino IDE to develop ESP-32 applications with the ArduinoBLE library, you may have noticed that your firmware size grows very fast. Just a simple program alre...

Shrink your ESP-32 firmware size by half

Launching AI Generative Art NFT Collection with Craiyon (ex DALL-E Mini)

TL;DR; Overthinking can be useful, but not always. Use existing tools and find new ways to simplify things The Idea I've been scrolling through twitter, when I faced a bunch of funny threads, featuring images, generated by DALL-E Mini. It was then,...

Launching AI Generative Art NFT Collection with Craiyon (ex DALL-E Mini)

Silentless-X Devs Riddle

For a context, I do have and education in cybersecurity, so I had some expertise beforehand 🙃 It's all started as with given Discord message my Hertz: 1. Binary message Clearly this message is a some binary sequence. No fancy tools required, I use...

Silentless-X Devs Riddle


Senior Software Engineer at Plesk

November 2022 — Present

Developer at Innoscripta GmbH

October 2020 — July 2022
  • Built a microservice architecture (interaction map of microservices and services in Miro)
  • Organized transitioin from the monolith into microservices (Laravel PHP => PHP, Node / TS, Golang)
  • Implemented API Gateway and GraphQL (Amazon API Gateway & Apollo/Yoga GraphQL)
  • Implemented asynchronous architecture (RabbitMQ)
  • Advised microfrontends (Webpack Federation & React)
  • Optimized and decomposed the database structure for more optimal and faster queries
  • Introduced the practice of cross-review
  • Organized an internal library of dependencies and packgages (Composer & NPM)

Informational Security at Moscow Technological University

2016 — 2020

Born at Moscow, Russia

30th April 1999


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