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Hi there! My name is Leonid Meleshin, and I am a builder & hacker, travelling across the world.




Open-source VR accessories ecosystem.

github.com/senseshiftVirtual Reality




Combining the two best CI/CD pipelines for embedded and IoT

I'm a big fan of automating things. Sometimes, I find myself spending more time configuring and managing these automations than I would ever spend time manually handling these tasks. This is especially true when it comes to software development, wher...

Windows Dev Drive setup

Dev Drive is a new Windows addition currently available in Windows Insiders Dev channels. Dev Drive utilizes the ReFS filesystem to optimize developers experience Setting up Dev Drive To access Dev Drive, currently, you will need Windows 11 Insider D...

Windows Dev Drive setup

Automated code coverage reports for PlatformIO with GitHub Actions.

A funny thing happened yesterday: I've just merged my ranch with code coverage reports for my project with PlatformIO, opened Twitter to tweet about it, and precisely at that moment, PlatformIO themselves posted their own blog post! https://twitter.c...

Automated code coverage reports for PlatformIO with GitHub Actions.


Senior Software Engineer at Plesk

November 2022 — Present

Developer at Innoscripta GmbH

October 2020 — July 2022
  • Built a microservice architecture (interaction map of microservices and services in Miro)
  • Organized transitioin from the monolith into microservices (Laravel PHP => PHP, Node / TS, Golang)
  • Implemented API Gateway and GraphQL (Amazon API Gateway & Apollo/Yoga GraphQL)
  • Implemented asynchronous architecture (RabbitMQ)
  • Advised microfrontends (Webpack Federation & React)
  • Optimized and decomposed the database structure for more optimal and faster queries
  • Introduced the practice of cross-review
  • Organized an internal library of dependencies and packgages (Composer & NPM)

Informational Security at Moscow Technological University

2016 — 2020

Born at Moscow, Russia

30th April 1999


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